Want to work in TV production? Apply for Aim High now!

Do you have a story to tell? Do you have fresh ideas for programme-making? Fancy a career in TV? YOU can apply for Northern Ireland Screen and BBC Northern Ireland's Aim High scheme.

Aim High is an entrant level training programme for aspiring TV producers. No specific experience or qualifications are required to apply!

We are strongly committed to promoting and creating diversity and inclusion to attract the best people from all backgrounds. Our ambition is to remove obstacles to people applying for the scheme and to ensure representation from all groups of people is reflected in workplaces. 

We welcome applications from anyone regardless of their sex, religious or philosophical belief; political opinion; race; age; sexual orientation; or, whether they are single, married or are in a civil partnership; or, whether they are disabled; or whether they have undergone, are undergoing or intend to undergo gender reassignment. 

We will train and develop you for a career in the media and you will be assigned a senior industry mentor. At times you will be expected to work unconventional hours and to tight deadlines and you must be able to work flexibly. 

There are 10 places available for an 18-month contract (Real Living Wage) with the opportunity to work on national and international television projects. Past placements have included: 

  • BBC One's The One Show 
  • Hat Trick Productions' Mastermind 
  • Stellify Media's Who Wants to be A Millionaire 
  • Strident Media's Rare Breed 
  • Nice One Production's The Paddy Raff Show 

Applicants will initially be invited to complete an online assessment. This will include pitching an idea from an assigned brief that can be presented as a written document, audio recording or video (whichever method you are most comfortable using). The pitch will be scored purely on the content and idea, not the quality of the presentation. From there, shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an assessment centre where they will be evaluated in both team and individual tasks.

The successful 15 candidates from the assessment centre will go on to complete an intensive two-week training boot camp where they will be introduced to the craft of storytelling for national and international television production. 

At the end of the boot camp, the 10 candidates showing the most potential will be placed on the scheme in which they will undertake a series of placements in a variety of independent production companies and BBC Northern Ireland. 

The 5 candidates who don't secure a position on the scheme will still be provided with invaluable training from the very best of Northern Ireland's industry talent. This training will set candidates up for a career in the industry and they will remain on Northern Ireland Screen's radar for future trainee positions. 

Got some questions? Read our FAQ's for more information. 

Applications open on Tuesday 16th November 2021 and will close at 5pm Friday 7th January 2022

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